“Bomi Deserves Better”

… Soko Adama Dorley Advances Solutions To Bomi’s Progressive Transformation


A renowned Liberian business tycoon and prominent son of Bomi
County, Soko Adama Dorley, has asserted that unity, collaboration, and
peace are essential elements which should be embraced by Bomi citizens
in the transformation of the county from its current state of
underdevelopment towards a progressive socio-economic trajectory.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with THE IMAGES magazine
recently at his residence in Marshall, along the Roberts International
Airport (RIA) High Way in Margibi County, Mr. Dorley stressed that
genuine unity will immensely contribute to the growth and development
of the county, leading to livelihood improvement of its people, most of
whom live in a cesspool of destitution, misery, and deprivation.
Mr. Dorley regretted that although Bomi County has been endowed
with natural and other resources, its people have been kept in abject
poverty and destitution as a result of leadership failure over the years.
“Go to Bomi today, we all are awared that in the last fifteen years,
almost everyone who determined the distribution of the pie in Liberia
hailed from Bomi County. Unfortunately, as those individuals grew in

wealth, power, and influence Bomi County became poorer and poorer
and the citizens became poorer and poorer,” he emphasized.
“The primary objective of every leadership in any country,” he added,
“is to improve the living conditions of the vast majority of the ordinary
people, but for Bomi County in Liberia, the story is different.”
Dorley who is eyeing the Bomi County senatorial seat as the much-
awaited 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections fast approach
pointed out that he remains engaged with the people of Bomi County
until their livelihoods are improved.
“There are four programs, if implemented, which will help to improve
the living conditions of our people,” he added.
The popular businessman identified the programs as Investment in
Education, Healthcare, Agriculture and the Empowerment of Women
and Children.
Dorley: “We want to keep our presence felt in these four programs. As
long as we keep ourselves in these four programs, we strongly believe
that the regressive conditions of our people will change for the better.
We are not joining the race to the Senate for any self-interest; We are
going there mainly to improve the conditions of our people.”
Widely referred to by his admirers as a “Man of Vission,” Dorley made
it clear that he remains fully committed to ensuring that the people of
Bomi County benefit immensely from his vision which borders on
nothing less than improving their socio-economic wellbeing, leaving
nobody behind.
It may be recalled that few days after the 2020 Special Senatorial
Elections, Mr. Dorley provided US$5,000 worth of medical drugs to
government’s only referral Hospital in Bomi County. He also made a

huge donation of medical drugs worth over US$26,000 to 26 clinics in

“The life we live in this world is a revolving life; We depend on each
other- you help me and I help you. Right now, I am in a better economic
position than my people. This is the cardinal reason why I decided to
always share my blessings with my people. And so, if they decide that
what Mr. Dorley is doing is in their best interests, and they see the
vision/dreams in changing those conditions and want to give me their
blessings, come on, I will accept their blessings because I definitely
want to be a part in improving the lives of our people,” said Dorley.
Distinguishing himself from politicians who over the years miserably
failed to positively impact the livelihoods of the vast majority of the
population including the youth, women and children, Dorley indicated
that since 2019, he has been engaged with the people of Bomi County,
identifying impactful and people-centered development programs as
well as capacity-building activities aimed at improving their livelihoods.
“Bomi is poor to the extent that many parents are unable to foot the
academic bills of their children. To help alleviate this crucial
problem/challenge that many parents are faced with, I have invested
over 5 million Liberian dollars to get indigent (poor) children into
school,” Dorley added.
“Since we are in a better economic position, we say look, we will invest
in some village saving institutions about L$50,000; some L$100,000;
L$150,000; and L$200,000,” he disclosed.

The Bomi County Senatorial Hopeful further told THE IMAGES: “The
challenge in the county is huge; I am just an individual who decided to
share my blessings from God with our people. The primary objective of
any government is to ensure the positive wellbeing and happiness of its
He decried the current condition of the health sector in Bomi, saying
“many of the health facilities grossly lack medications, leaving most
ordinary citizens to seek much-needed medications elsewhere.
“We have participated in giving medical drugs every step along the
way. We have distributed drugs to all the clinics in Bomi. Some of the
clinics that we went to told us that for the last six months or more than a
year, they have not gotten any medical supplies to help address the
medical needs of patients,” he disclosed.

Dorley: “Every well-meaning son and daughter/ or citizens of Bomi
County should participate in the development of the county. It can’t be
done by a single person as everyone needs to be a part in the county’s
development process.”

The entrepreneur maintains that collective approach is required as one
individual or group of people cannot solve the multiple problems in
Bomi County including provision of basic social services.
He stressed that setting the stage and/or beginning the process of
utilizing the professional and technical services of qualified and

experienced citizens of Bomi is key to changing the conditions of the
citizens of the county for better.
This is how Mr. Dorley responded when asked by THE IMAGES
magazine as to how he has been identifying himself with the people of
Bomi County in terms of development over the years: “Beautiful, I like
the question, I think Liberia is the only country in the world where we
punish those who left the country to improve their livelihood. If you
have your child and you want to see the betterment of your child and
you sent your child abroad for education and once the child believes that
he/she is professionally prepared and economically suitable to come
home to meet the challenges at home with vision and foresight, we
punish that child in this country.”

“The Ghanaians employ the services of those who come from out of the
country because they strongly believe that such people may have the
necessary vision as they have seen some good things abroad that they
have not seen in their country. Nigerians to employ the services of
those who went abroad and educated themselves and want to contribute
their quotas to the development of their own country. But in Liberia, we
punish those who left the country and want to come back home with
knowledge, skills, and experience to contribute to the rebuilding of the
country after years of its destructive civil war. We called on them to
participate in improving the nation’s economy but we also punish them
for coming home,” the senatorial hopeful stressed.

Dorley: “I was a young man when I left this country, struggled to
educate myself. I did not go on scholarship. I had a family; I had to feed
my family. Once we believe we were economically strong, we returned

home. We invested, at the time L$300,000 into the nation’s economy;
We got some houses around; I can’t tell you I can make up your bed
when I am lying on the floor. Before I can make your bed up, I should
have a mattress or bed that I made up before.”
Asked by THE IMAGES why he could not go as Representative first
before the Senate come 2023 elections, Dorley intimated that: “Service
in the Legislature does not require a particular order.” Senatorial
position is “a job for elders,” he pointed out.
He stressed that one of the cardinal reasons responsible for Bomi or
Liberia’s underdevelopment over the years is that electorate often failed
to elect people with vision and leadership acumen for genuine national
development and progress.
“If we put people who are already hungry and lack vision in leadership,
you get a poor result. That is why Bomi County has a leadership deficit,
because they are not on internship jobs at the Senate”, he stressed.

“As for me,” Dorley said: “I am fine. I had my own company for the last
25 years in America. I have an estate in Margibi County worth over
US$500,000; we have invested over L$30 million into Bomi County. I
don’t know who is more suitable than me to be able to effectively serve
our people at the level of the National Legislature .”
Mr. Dorley expressed optimism that based on his reservoir of experience
in private sector development, coupled with his vision and impactful
leadership acumen, he will effectively and efficiently represent Bomi
County at the level of the Senate if elected come 2023.
Touching on the Arcelor Mittal Concession Agreement with the
Government of Liberia (GOL) that generates heated debate among

Legislators on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, the Bomi County senatorial
hopeful described the agreement as a “tight situation” that should be
looked at with prudence and high sense of patriotism.

Dorley: “We, as a nation, are at a crossroad. We have an economy that
is basically non-functional and infrastructural development is at a low
scale. Where we need employment, about 96% of the people are
unemployed. I understand that the deal will create some employment
opportunities for our people and encourage infrastructural development.
Nevertheless, I think the onus now rests on our Legislators to critically
look at said agreement aimed at not only safeguarding and protecting the
supreme interest of the Liberian nation which is our common patrimony
but also encouraging Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in the
reconstruction of the country and for a mutually rewarding or win-win
relationship between Arcelor Mittal and Liberia.”

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  1. Hon. Soko Dorley is just rare character to find nowadays in our society nowadays and we from Bomi are grateful to having him as son.
    With him and other developed minds, our county (Bomi) will rise again.

    Thank you for all that you do for us and our county, dad.

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