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Sadjio: Everyone’s Story 

As you may probably know, my debut novel’s title is SADJIO, inspired by my childhood hairdresser. A devoted, determined woman whom I admired deeply. I loved her name and would bug my parents to change my name to Sadjio’s, a very beautiful, brilliant, and brave young woman.

I started writing this novel in 2018 but got sidetracked and abandoned the project. I returned to it in early 2019 only to take another prolong pause from writing until mid-2019. Long story short, I wrote the bulk of my novel in 45 hectic days. Yes, it took me roughly one month and fifteen days to complete my manuscript’s first draft. My mentor, Prof. Momo Sekou Dudu, provided me with some encouraging feedback, so I proceeded with the project. In December 2020, New York-based Adelaide Books released SADJIO in paperback format on various platforms, including Amazon, Adelaide books, and Barnes & Noble. In early February, the e-version was released on Kindle, Smashwords, only to mention a few.

This 34-chapter novel touches on multiple themes, including gender disparity, commodifying women’s bodies, ongoing battles being fought by women in traditionally and culturally blended societies, among many others. It is a work of fiction inspired by the experiences of women in my family and community. These are women who went through the unfortunate reality of being pressured to suppress their dreams or stay in their lanes. Their stories have stayed with me throughout my life. And knowing how important these stories are and how personally connected, I am to them, I felt the urge to write SADJIO.

The book primarily traces the life of a young girl who shattered every socially prescribed rule to pursue her passion and purpose. Its main character, Sadjio, was a relentless soul, a strong, smart girl determined to defy all odds to achieve her dreams regardless of what others said, thought, or did. Hers is a story of resilience, resistance, and resoluteness. Sadjio’s greatest nightmare, however, was her separation from her biological parents. Get a copy of this novel and discover how or what she had to endure to overcome this adversity that nearly altered her life.

This book is targeted at every little girl with a big dream and determination to achieve it no matter what society dictates. And its readers (regardless of gender) are a direct reflection of the book’s main character’s story. They are as diverse as the themes contained therein. “Sadjio’s story is relatable at every level, and we see ourselves in it from start to finish,” readers have told me.

The book is available globally through amazon.com, bol.com, saxo.com, bakus.com, adelaidebooks.com, only to mention a few. Order your copy in paperback format, and it will be delivered to you in no time.

Like I always say, Sadjio, the girl from nowhere, is set to go places.

About the Author

Fatoumata Nabie Fofana, a skilled journalist, and girls’ rights campaigner, creatively blends her unwavering passion for advocating evolution in some traditional systems where girls’ right to education is still restricted, with a lifelong enthusiasm for fictional storytelling to create compelling characters in Sadjio. A seasoned nonprofit development and management professional, Fatoumata’s firsthand experience of gender inequality in education and immerse knowledge of African women’s continued battle for equality on all fronts reinforce the authenticity of the characters in this thriller. Sadjio is Fatoumata’s first novel.

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