Liberia’s First Nutri-café Opens In Monrovia

…. As Experts Encourage Citizens to Embrace Healthy Food & Stay Healthy

A young Liberian nutritionist, Madam Amanda Jallah Ajami, has for the first of its kind open a Nutri-Café in Monrovia, Liberia’s Capital. The Café, known as JUIN Nutri-cafe, is situated at Queens Avenue, UN Drive.

JUIN Nutri-cafe is a number one stop-shop Nutri-cafe where you can get the best nutritional food for a healthy body and lifestyle. It offers nutritious meals, healthy food items and nutrition meal plans with wholesome chilled and fresh fruits and vegetable juices, smoothies and detoxes to customers from both the private and public sectors and for institutions including corporations and other entities.

The Nutri-cafe is also specialized in other areas such as Clinical Weight Loss Plans, Weight Management Coaching, provision of Nutritional Therapy, Personalized meal plans, Production & Sale of healthy food items, and Healthy Balanced meals.

Speaking at the opening program of the café recently, on UN Drive, the Co-owner of JUIN Orgaburst Inc., Dr. Ibrahim Ajami, said it all started at the kitchen of their home to what they have today.

Dr. Ajami thanked and appreciated his wife, Mrs. Amanda Jallah Ajami, for the great initiative of establishing such health-promotion business in the country.

Dr. Ajami said the cafe will help many Liberians and foreigners eat healthily and have the nutrients they desired for a healthy living.

“I am so happy for having this woman in my life and I thank God for sending her my way. I am proud of my wife, this is a dream comes through for my wife. Many people out there have testimonies as it relates to the operation of JUIN Orgaburst organic, nutritional and healthy food,” he said.

He also appreciated customers, friends, well-wishers who graced the occasion. Mr. Ajami said the Management of the company will continue to provide special services to all and sundry at generally affordable prices.

Making remarks at the opening program, Dr. Yatta Sackie Whapoe, said it was an honor to be at the occasion and to support Mr. and Mrs. Ajami for the initiative which seeks to ensure healthy living in Liberia.

Dr. Whapoe said when she was told that it was a nutrition café after being invited by Mr. Ajami, she became to wonder about Liberians’ lifestyle.

According to her, often times people eat a lot, and at any time until recently so many persons including the young and old started experiencing diabetes, heart problems and other sicknesses.

It was at this time that people became to check themselves and realized that the things and the way they were eating were not really healthy.

Dr. Whapoe stated that food is a basic necessity and is part of human wellbeing but sometimes, many people do not know what to eat and what time to eat.

“They just go on to eat anyhow, something that is not proper Healthwise,” she said.

She emphasized that “today it is very easy to develop any kind of food habit and some people will just wake up and eat different types of food without knowing whether it is good or not, and at the end of the day, they start to come down with different sicknesses due to the food they eat.”

“Healthy food habit is simply good with our physical wellbeing and also our mental wellbeing” she asserted.

She quoted WHO’s definition of health as saying It is “a state of not only physical wellbeing but also mental and social wellbeing.”

She used the occasion to encourage people to avoid eating processed food that has stayed for a long period of time on sea before entering Liberia. She encourages everyone to eat fresh foods including vegetables, stressing that cold drinks are also not very good for consumption.

“This is going to help you, take this as an opportunity and promise yourself to be a better person,” she said.

For her part, the owner of JUIN Orgaburst, Amanda Jallah Ajami, thanked everyone for showing up and for coming to support the opening of the nutritional café.

Mrs. Ajami disclosed that JUIN Orgaburst has been operating for two years since its establishment and within those years, the entity has accomplished lots of good things. We have several products on the market now, she stressed.

She noted that one of the main excuses people give is that eating healthy is expensive and the fruits in the super market are also expensive.

However, she recommended that the little cucumbers which are marketed via wheelbarrows, and others on the streets for 20 or 30 Liberian Dollars should be utilized for healthy living.

“You can also buy the oranges which are all healthy fruits and vegetables that are good for our health,” she said.

She pointed out that the food that we eat either prevents us from disease or nurture those diseases, as such, people have to pay keen attention to what they eat.

She maintained that JUIN Orgaburst also imports and works with local farmers who are able to get the best fibers of food to be delivered to you every month or on a daily basis. “We are dedicated to the provision of healthy food to be delivered with proud, originality and attentiveness,” she emphasized.

“Most of our products which I cannot say are 100 percent perfect because we have to purchase some from out of the country, because we do not know how such products were processed but we try to get our best, if not 100 percent, but at least 95 percent,” she pointed out.

Mrs Ajami stated that JUIN Orgaburst was established on September 1, 2019 by my husband and I. This idea came about and I kept pushing against it because I felt that I needed a huge sum of money to start with, but my husband told me to make a business proposal which I did and when I presented it to him, he said let us work on it.

But while we were working on the process, one day I was coming from across and I saw so many fruits, so I stopped there and changed 40 USDs and bought lots of fruits and vegetables. And I said to myself Instead of waiting until I can get a huge sum of money from my husband, let me start with this. So, I blended the fruits and made juice and made videos which were posted online.
Later on, I started having close friends who were always watching me cooking and recording. I started selling from that 40 USD on September 1 2019 to today. We have come a long way and from that 40 USD, we have products on the market and now have the first nutrition restaurant in Liberia. Our number of testimonials is huge and we have helped more than 50 persons achieved great wait lost,” she asserts.

Meanwhile, a fund raiser was also done to help send under privileged children to school, looking at the Covid-19 crisis and the hardship in Liberia. Part of JUIN Orgaburst aims and objectives is to see kids in school.

During the fund raising, the Special aide to President George Weah, Sekou Kalasco Damaro said before coming to JUIN Orgaburst, he knew that when you eat healthy food, it keeps you going and there are people who are wondering that he is over 40 years old but still look younger, because he always eat healthily and goes to the gym, so when he was told that JUIN Orgaburst was opening, he was excited because he wants to use this place as a means of continuing what he is doing in terms of eating healthily.

The presidential aide said his passion is to help people, and helping kids going back to school is something Liberians should take seriously.

He therefore made an initial contribution to the fund drive to ensure that under privileged children go back to school.

Sidiki Bility, another businessman, congratulated Mrs. Ajami for taking up a great challenge, emphasizing that starting with himself, his entire household knows that he likes heavy food but with JUIN Orgaburst operation, it will help him eat healthily.

Bility said he has been following the operations of JUIN Orgaburst since it was launched. He gave his support to the fund drive.

Meanwhile, a group only identified as CEO, of which Mrs. Ajami is part of, also donated its financial support to the fund drive and congratulated her for her achievements.

According to the CEO Group, they have a five-year plan that seeks to make JUIN Orgaburst expand to other parts of the country starting with the densely populated Red-Light Community in Paynesville.

The Group also congratulate Madam Ajami for her hard work and for being Liberia’s youngest nutritionist and the only person who has a healthy meal restaurant in Liberia.

Pictorial from JUIN Nutri-cafe official opening

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