PLP Dr. Cassell Attacks CPP

People Liberation Party (PLP) political leader Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has launched verbal attacks against Liberia’s main opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), referring to it as a conglomeration of a bunch of unserious politicians.­

Speaking as PLP Dr. Cassell Attacks CPP a special guest Friday, 3 September 2021 at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CEIO) on Carey Street in Monrovia, Dr. Cassell said the CPP is the old administration that damaged the country over the past time and it intends to complete the looting of the state.

“The leadership of the CPP at the House of Representatives and Senate that claimed they want to bring good governance to Liberia has not even one day become independent at the House. They have never come up with policy and laws that are in the interest of the Liberian people,” said Cassell.

|They are there approving the agreement and passing a budget that is only at their advantage, something I believe shows that they are nothing different”, Dr. Cassell added.

He suggested that the way CPP leadership is governing itself in opposition it shows that CPP leaders are not serious people in the political space here.

The PLP political leader sees that CPP as an ” old wine in a new bottle,” said those in the CPP are recycled politicians that have no history of proper political leadership record of good governance.

“Even those members of the CPP who said they want to liberate the Liberian people and they have integrity, within a short period of time, they have messily damaged and spoiled their name,” Cassell blasted.

He lamented that those CPP members claiming to have integrity are found in everything that is against the public, and all they can do is to just raise alarm and apologize for things that the public knows and for which they have called their leaders to book.

However, they say I’m new to Liberian politics and I’m wasting my money. [Is it] not better to do things for my own people and provide the rightful development and social services needed for them to move out of poverty?” Cassell said.

He challenged those criticizing his initiatives to come out and show records of what they did when they were not in public office and when they are doing in public service.

Cassell believes that when the entire leadership of the CPP goes through proper public evaluation and assessment, it will never be given an elected position in the country due to its failure to the state and its people.

Speaking of his PLP, Dr. Cassell bragged that it has brought new meaning to the political space of Liberia and it is a solution and developmental-oriented.

He said PLP will identify problems and solve them instead of waiting for the opportunity to take public office to enrich itself before doing a little for the people.

“Let the history be used to judge us. I want to also discourage the ideology that public office is intended to acquire unexplained wealth at the expense of the ordinary people

Cassell thinks that Liberia’s problem is very easy and it needs common sense and people with experience and maturity, integrity, and honesty to solve it.

But he contends that the CPP is far from finding solutions to the country’s problems like basic social services, infrastructure, and economic improvement.

Cassell noted that PLP seeks to target public safety, agriculture or agro-processing, social-economic development, education, tourism, entertainment, infrastructure with an emphasis on improving the economy, healthcare system, roads, and human capacity development.-


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